jack daniels tennessee fire

Alc. 35%


the same presentation of the old no.7 but this is dressed with a firetruck red label.


Cinnamon hearts are exploding from the glass. The cinnamon smells quite artificial, like the flavouring in candies, rather than cassia bark. Slightest essence of apples, but this really focuses on cinnamon. There is the lightest feint of an oaky corn whiskey, but its difficult to detect.


Somewhat sweet, heavily drowned in cinnamon hearts. Thin, but syrupy. A quick finish with a sweet cayenne ending. Basic, hot and uninspiring.

Please note:

This is considered a major release and a long term project for jack daniels. Three years after the release of jack honey, Tennessee fire seems to want to share sales and possibly dominate sazeracs fireball market.

This is a mixture of jack daniels whiskey, mixed with a prefabricated spicy cinnamon liqueur.

With a growing market in flavoured shooting whiskies, cinnamon is a large market including the maple or honey flavored whiskies. brown forman hopes to see this product sustain itself in the market for another 20 – 25 years.


Not worth the second glass.

score: 75