jack daniels single barrel

Serial number:

Rick: l-09

Barrel: 13-2778

Date: 5-7-13



Wow. Very cool, oldschool presentation. Imagine heating a glass bottle of old no.7 and grabbing the neck and pressing down, squashing the bottle into a square type of bell and stem type of decanter. Small, classy black and gold label. Just under the large wooden cork is the bottles serial number, letting the customer know the rickhouse, date and barrel this bottle came from.


First impressions are oaky fruit cocktail. The fruit is bursting from the glass, although the oak could be verging on bitter. Classic jack nose packed with juicy fruit and honey soaked banana candies. A touch of sickly sour acetone turns to buttered corn.


Thick and creamy, but with a spicy crème brulee kick. Vanilla and charred corn meet up with juicy fruit gum and end off with a quick rye burst, then a long, sweet corn exit. The finish is a touch of charred pith. pleasant bitterness.

score: 92

Please note:

A single barrel project takes one piece of the puzzle and casts it aside. Meaning, a blend of whisky is dozens or hundreds of barrels of different whiskies poured together and married in a blend. With a single barrel project, one barrel that stands out above the rest as an exceptional product is bottled alone, unblended.

Single barrel projects are typically labeled so that a customer can compare an assortment of different barrels in tastings. Each barrel is different and each bottle from a different barrel will have unique traits differing it from the others.

The barrels selected for the jack daniels single barrel project are picked from the top of the rickhouse, where the barrels typically tend to mature very quickly because they are stored in a warmer part of the warehouse, which causes more grain/wood interaction. Effectively this creates a faster maturation, and is considered by many to be a superior product. more on slow aging at another time.

The main difference between single barrel and old no.7 is that black label number 7 is a consistent blend of different whiskies to taste the exact same every single time, from bottle to bottle, year to year. When we have a sample of single barrel whiskey, they differ in profile. One bottle may be more spicy, or more vanilla laden, or less fruity than others, but make no mistake, jack daniels single barrel project always produces top notch bottling.

You can contact the fine people at brown formans jack daniels distillery and book an appointment to travel to the distillery and sample from a barrel you would like to purchase yourself. They even bottle it and personalize the label and barrel head for you. Splitsies?


If youre already a jack fan, this is a must have. Not familiar? Its pretty robust, so may want to try it before you buy it.