ban poitin

Alc. 48%


Robust with toasted grain and cereals. Lightly nutty, marshmallow and hay mixture.


Smooth entrance and exit. Toasty grains and sweet hay. Finishes on a chili/chocolate note.


Pleasing for a white spirit. lots of character.

Score: 84

Please note:

Poitin[Po-Sheen] is a typically white spirit that started with humble beginnings by being distilled in tiny pot stills in a manner that was like moonshining. The pot stills distilled a low wine crafted from a mash of barley, corn, potatoes and sugar beets.

Although outlawed by the irish government, poitin is now legally produced, commercially, under some fairly strict guidelines.  the new legal guidelines limited use of distilling in a pot still, using grains, potatoes or molasses and keeping a very limited time in oak barrels, if they are to be stored in oak at all.

The bare minimum abv for poitin is 40% alcohol, but some poitins have been bottled at an abv of upwards to 90% alcohol.