bastille french blended whisky



Barley and apples, dried golden fruit and rotting pears. Smells of French brandy accompanied with virgin oak and cinnamon toast. Barley shines through sour yeast and nuts. Dry rain and apricots followed by eastern spices.


Brandy influence, abounds with golden plums, raisin and pears wrapped in spun sugar. Marmalade, pipe tobacco and cigar box remind me of a park in Lyon. Smooth, quick exit and a short crisp finish with a little tannic pull. Aftertaste is peachy sweet grapefruit peels. Standard toffee, butterscotch and grapes.

Please note:

Crafted from soft wheat from northern France and the same barley the Scots source for their fine scotches. this is distilled in alembic stills, built in the same fashion that cognac stills are made. Aged in limousine oak, which has a less dense texture than American or Canadian oak from the more even climate and finished in cherry and acacia casks. this is aged between five and seven years, pulled when deemed ready.

The water used to dilute to bottle strength is from the cognac region. Is flows through age old limestone to become of the utmost purity.

Overall score: 88