canadian club 100 proof



Classic, straight edged Canadian club bottle. No gimmicks. Black label.


Nothing specific at first, needs time and a little water to bloom. Woody, fruity with corncobs and soft isopropyl. A bit of a light bready quality.



Oily, fruity and spicy. Cherries, grapes and raisins just before the spicy rye. Cloves and ginger kick in.  cereal grain and a touch of peppermint. A small amount of oak with black pepper fade into a medium finish.

Please note:

From the hiram walker distillery in Ontario, here is the classic Canadian club 6 year for the American market. The only difference is that its 10% higher in alcohol.

Overall score: 83

Its richer than the original c.c. and a little less oily, but I had to add water, which is something I never do.