canadian club 12 year old

Alc. 40%


Flat, rectangular bottle with a black plastic screw top. The label is a black, textured wrap with white and gold lettering. Theres a small tan colored tag on the bottom of the label; stating which batch this is and of course, ambiguously misleading the definition of small batch.


Egg nog, toffee, vanilla cream, sawdust and wood shop. Maple sugar, hard candies and slight acetone hiding in the back. Cereal and some strawberries.

Thin, sweet with fudge and butterscotch. Some red fruits, baking spice and drying tannins. Sweet and spicy. Starts out very sweet with vanilla fudge and toffee, ends with some oak , fruit and spice to round off the sweet entry. Quick exit.

A pleasant Canadian which is spicy, sweet. This could be used a sip or a mix in a classic clean cocktail such as an old fashioned, rather than a highball. Ginger ale or cola would kill this bottle.

Please note:

This is not the first release of this particular bottle, rather it is a rebirth of an old classic from Canadian club. Whereas before, the old Canadian club 12 year old was more suited for mixing or drinking on ice due to a spicy and unbalanced blend, this new bottling is much more refined.

With the reincarnation of cc 12 we see the old practice of blending at birth involved, meaning all the spirits used in the blend are mixed together prior to aging in barrels, rather than blending afterwards.

The barrels used to age this particular batch are old used bourbon barrels, which are then re-charred to burn off the old bourbon influence and reactivate some of the old charcoal inside the barrel to reinvigorate the spirit. this re-char helps lend some superior butterscotch and vanilla to the flavor profile.

score: 84