canadian club 20 year old

Alc. 40%


Sleek, tall, slender cc offering with a classic black and gold label. Very humble, but yet, speaks in volumes.


Sherry soaked cherries, dark rum and fig cake. Raspberries, vanilla sugar along with brown sugar and grandpas old dusty workshop. There is some hard English toffee, cinnamon toast and flower pedals. A bit subtle, but very complex. crème brulee and maple. Dusty.


Spicy fruit cake, cloves, cardamom, candied walnuts, orange peel and sherried cherries. Cola. Dusty and chalky before long, semi dry finish.

Please note:

Hiram walker crafted his own whisky in the US simply named ‘club’ whisky. some years later, he had rebranded the club whisky to ‘canadian club’ because the thought of letting everybody know it was indeed Canadian was a giant selling gimmick. It has worked most definitely, as Canadian club is now sold in over 150 countries worldwide.

Quite simply, this is the exact same blend of Canadian club as you might mix into a manhattan or rye and ginger, the only exception being that this has been aged for an additional 14 years. Those extra years make quite the example of how fine this can be. Its become an exceptional sipper.

The club whisky was originally crafted in Detroit and when prohibition came around in the USA, the whole project was moved just across the lake and hiram walker made roots in the now completely legal Windsor, Canada.

Overall score: 97

I would like to keep a bottle of this on hand at all times. I produce this for friends who are ‘not so sure’ about Canadians.