canadian club small batch sherry cask

alc. 41.3%




generic flat square


Dark fruit, dark wood, sweet wood, big turk, tobacco, stewed fruit


Sweet and sour,  agridolce, coffee, skunk, bike tire, dark fruit, dark berries, white pepper, cinnamon, obvious sherry wood finish, toffee, ginger rye, corn.

Please note:

Complex, lots of flavors, hard edged, smooth, sippable, little spirit to taste. Quick blasts of flavors that seem to quickly evolve and disappear while moving to the next. Hard on the edges, thin, and the ride is over quickly, but the sip will sit on your tongue for some time.

Possibly for somebody seeking something new. Mixes well with coke, not ginger ale. Sweet manhattan possibly? There are much better sherry matured whiskies by comparison.


Overall score: 81