caribou crossing single barrel

Alc. 40%


The bottle is a clear glass decanter which is almost shaped as a cube, with tapered shoulders. There is some frosting on the sides of the bottle depicting a field of caribou and some writing on the back about the origin of the whisky itself. The face of the bottle is elegant, clean with white and gold lettering. There is a picture of a caribou grunting into the air for a mate, all captured in a tiny blue circle, which is where the inspiration for the leading story originated. The topper is a heavy door knocker maple leaf made of pewter with a cork. The lip on the bottle is too wide.


Light and delicate. Some dust, rye and a good impression of oak. A touch of egg nog, mini wheats cereal, strawberry and tender stone fruit like peach or apricot. Caraway and honey. A touch floral and springy. The nose is very reminiscent of my grandfathers liquor cabinet, or just some old school Canadian rye. Very light, spicy and dusty.


The palate is more of the nose, but it’s richer with corn and char. Dusty, sweet, spicy, touch minty. A creamy mouth feel bound with nutmeg and clove. The fruits are light and upfront, with the rye spice taking up the finish. Egg nog, peach and ice cream finished with sawdust, chilies and spice cake.


This took a while to grow on me, but it has grown. Top notch.

Please note:

Sazerac is an American bourbon powerhouse. They’re also known for their Canadian whiskies exported to the American market. This particular bottle is a select barrel from the sazerac inventory that made an impression from its quality profile.

First released to the American market, after some positive reception, caribou crossing had made its debut in Canada to more positive response.

Being from one single barrel, rather than a blend of different barrels to create one harmonious mix, this will have a profile which may be unbalanced to some; it may have more spice or more vanilla, and consumers will have fun comparing different barrels to judge the different profiles.

Unfortunately, there are no serial numbers for comparison.

This is bottled at 40% alcohol to please Americans impression of a Canadian whisky. this is bottled at a low abv to keep a light bodied flavor, while most single barrel whiskies are bottled at a higher abv to keep the flavor more true to the taste of the barrel without dilution.

score: 86