collingwood 21 year old rye


Bottle: same ol’ Collingwood bottle. Green label and a nice black cardboard box. The packaging is actually quite nice.


Huge wafts of icing and chunky wood. A wood dominated whisky backed with camp smoke, butterscotch and toffee. Some table syrup and pear skin. Dark wine notes of with savory depth, and a touch of sourness after generous airing.  An obvious sense of grain is over the top.


First off is a vanilla flavoured dill pickle, on rye bread. Sour fruit, like yellow cherries and granny smiths, followed by spicy, spicy cinnamon and cloves.

Please note:

The Canadian mist racking is not very tall. Ive been told that the racking is a story tall. So that means there isn’t very much interaction between the grain and wood, rather a nice, even aging with very little expanding and contracting due to climate. Most warehouses have an area with racks that need a tall machine to lift them down, due to height and not just the spine crushing, impossible to carry weight factor. These warehouses have some sweet spots where the temperature changes so much that it seems to age the whisky more swiftly than the other barrels. This is not the case at Canada mist.

Overall score: 85