Alc. 40%


square, looks like a perfume bottle, unique



sawdust, fruit, flowers, toffee, vanilla, those chocolate covered cherries that came in the yellow cube box.



savoury, smooth, light pepper finish, cinnamon, clean maple taste- maple tastes organic, not syrup, cereal grain, barley chocolate, light- modest citrus finish, average oily feel.


chocolate, light pepper, medium length finish, little maple to clean things up. Smooth.

Please note:

Triple distilled and then finished by adding toasted Maplewood staves in the marrying vat. The site states that inside sugar maple are natural minerals which aid the mellowing process, which reduces harshness, as well, the natural sap found in the maple helps sweeten and add lovely flavor. toasting, instead of charring reduces tannins found in the whisky, which reduces any harshness found.

The truest downfall, though very eye catching is the bottle. Square and flat, a good whack on the face will shatter the weak bottle frame.  You don’t need a fancy bag to sell whisky anymore.

Overall score: 90