crown royal deluxe

Alc. 40%

Bottle: the ever present high shouldered crown bottle that is seen virtually – everywhere.


Carries a thick, rich spicy custard nose that is seen in mature whiskies. Slight yellow plum and sultanas, enriched with baking spice and wood shop. Grainy and woody, with a generous amount of flowers and some bonfire.


Spicy forward , showcasing creamy rye spice and corn. Vanilla rich and fruity. Some rough and tough spiciness and grain. A spirit finish with exotic spices like allspice and cassia. Rustic.

Please note:

The Diageo company bought up some seagrams shares in an auction along with pernod–ricard and coca-cola companies, respectively.

This is produced made in Gimli, Manitoba, solely after the Waterloo Ontario distillery was closed in 1992. Although distilled and aged in gimli, it is blended and bottled in Amhertsburg, Onatrio.

The crown royal inventory sits around 2 million barrels spread out into 46 warehouses.

The overall and general reception of this whisky is good, and remains well respected by many connoisseurs alike.


Its good whisky. flavorful mixer, ok sip. Smooth start, but leaves a slight burn.

score: 82