crown royal northern harvest rye

Alc. 45%


typical crown bottle used for many expressions. This is of no exception. The label is a dusty camel colour rimmed with the same hunter green or emerald green that somehow signifies a straight rye type of whisky, that many whisky producers are using.


First whiff reveals some medicinal rye and heavily charred barrels. Later, some cherry candies, coconut shavings and orange peel show off for the fruits. Slight caraway, rye grain and some motor oil. Some rubber and sweet vanilla custard. Some American rye qualities like foamy banana with heavy wood influence and a touch of isopropryl sitting in the background. The nose seems to depend on fruity rye rather than a hard, grainy rye.


Decent viscosity with a ton of spicy orange, creamy banana and some bright red fruits. Brown spice mix found in spice cake. Very smooth finish with vanilla fudge and black pepper hanging on to a long exit, finishing on oak and citrus pith.


This bottle deserves a very sound score around the low 80’s.

Please note:

Crown royal is known for being a tasty blend of roughly 50 different whiskies all blended to create a harmony, in which we recognize as crown royal deluxe. Its on every bar shelf you’ve ever seen.

With crown royal northern harvest rye, this blend is focused on one component of the usual ‘deluxe’ blend; it is a column still derived rye grain whisky that makes up 90% of this blend.

The rye grain used to create this whisky is commonly known to have been introduced from german settlers, who added a little rye to their wheat whisky. planted in the fall and as a seedling, must endure typical harsh Canadian winter and grow to face a drought like summer. All this extreme treatment of the crop leads to a very concentrated rye grain, which lends itself to a very flavourfull rye whisky.

Due to the hype received from jim murrays whisky bible, this whisky is being bought up instantly; skids of product are being bought up in minutes and the bottles are selling for gigantic profit on the legal and illegal secondary markets.

score: 84