crown royal single barrel

Alc. 51.5%


Crown royal tends to stay with a certain presentation. This bottle is like the special reserve bottle and the old cask 16 bottle; its like a regular crown bottle, but stretched out to look taller. Bright white label. A medallion hangs off the neck of the bottle to indicate which batch was purchased.


Butterscotch, egg nog, vanilla custard and citrus zest. A little floral with some modest grain peeking through. Acetone, sweet wood and yellow fruits. Nice nose, albeit unfamiliar with the crown style.


Very sweet and fruity on entrance and moves to an aggressive heat. Good texture with an oily slick. Lots of rich vanilla and spicy char. Fades into a sweet, rich oaky finish.

Overall :

Very good!

Please note:

It is uncommon for a Canadian whisky to release a single barrel project, let alone from a gigantic company like diageo’s crown royal. This single barrel project has started solely in texas and has plans to expand to some other states in the near future.

This is a column still whisky, made mostly of corn, with a high rye content(roughly 30%), aged in virgin barrels for around seven years. This project came to materialize after some suggestion from crown advocate and Canadian whisky writer, davin de kergommeaux.

Crown royal currently hails from Manitoba and is currently working on building a visitors center for curious customers.

score: 92