crown royal special reserve

Alc. 40%


The same old predictable C.R. style. Oooh, a tassel.  Inside it holds a clear, brown libation. Like, I mean, brown, man. C.R. holds strong to a bourbon style, but even bourbons have a little character to the color.


oak and light bourbon traits. Tobacco, pear and spicy cotton candy, if there ever were a thing.


Sweet corn whisky forward with spicy rye filling in soon after. Cloves, Jamaican allspice and candied ginger. Oak, macintosh toffee and red apples are swimming with chile infused brown sugar. Cinnamon and glucose with a pleasantly long finish.


Please note:

This is good whisky, compared to the regular, base offering. The thing that burns me is that you really have to pay an arm and a leg to get good whisky from crown royal.

Here’s my example. They have a base offering which costs very little and is a blend of up to thirty different whiskies, which is pretty cool. The whiskies in this base offering are at least three years old. Now, they take some good barrels off the top shelf(when you own over forty warehouses its pretty easy to collect a few good barrels), and they age just a little bit longer, blend those whiskies together and then double the price.  They consider it a small batch production, and that small batch is more than what craft distilleries produce in a year.

Overall score: 88