danfields 21



A stout based bottle with a very concave punt in the bottom. The neck is skinny and long, wrapped in gold foil. The bottle is topped with a plastic screw lid. The gold label itself on the face of the bottle is small, gold and written in elegant cursive. Nice presentation.


Dusty closet and dusty toffee. Old linen, some pickle and packed with rye spice. Nutmeg and egg nog are heavy in the nose with pastel candies, and some light char. Nice balance of wood.


Good depth on the palate, tons of rye impressions with baking spice and pickle, some cocoa, coffee, sweet and sour pastel candies. In the middle to finish there is a big presence of hot spice, which is cooled by sweet toffee. There is a bit of a rubbery taste peaking through, but is somewhat pleasing. Medium bodied, nice oak.

Overall: 89

Very good!

Please note:

Crafted from the guys at black velvet in lethbridge Alberta, this has unfortunately been unlisted by the lcbo, which is a shame, considering this was roughly 50$ a bottle. This is considered black velvets above premium listing.

This is very much a rye forward canadian whisky with an impressive balance of oak. This is a medium bodied Canadian with an injection of spicy heat in the middle and finish. The words diamond filtered crest the label and there is a tiny booklet attached to the neck which also boasts diamond filtering, without a definition. There is little to no information available, although it is believed to refer to the micron size of the filters that the distillery uses, prior to bottling. It is rumored the diamond filter is a little larger than most commonly used.

This is a blended whisky aged for at least 21 years and is not to be missed. Danfields has also released a younger model aged for at least 10 years.