dillon’s white rye

Alc. 40%


an unassuming, squat bottle, with a wooden cork. The label is small, but very busy. It seems they try to cram everything they could onto the label, which makes for an interesting read. Grain makeup, tasting notes, mission statement. the font speaks of an old political satire comic.


grain. Its so nutty and grain like, including the apple. Its fresh, virgin and unadultered grain spirit. A bit of red field berry sits behind roasted grain. Simple and non-complex. Very one note. Hardly any spirit to smell. A bit of pleasant perfume.


Sweet, spicy and nutty. Theres the apple again. Almost a touch of soap. Very simple and straightforward.

Please note:

This has been crafted from 10%malted rye and 90% unmalted rye. Typically, the malted grains offer much of the fruity qualities in rye, which is why we aren’t seeing that in this white offering.   Potential is there for a good whisky, but there must be some aging involved, as this doesn’t pack enough punch on its own.

Personally, I saw much more character involved with the aged stuff, even though it only had a year in wood. This is somewhat flat, flavourless and it doesn’t really live up to the rye grain liveliness. The texture is a bit thin, and watery. If this were released at 50%, im sure it would really be exceptional.

Overall score: 75