forty creek confederation oak

Alc. 40%


No surprises, this is the same flat clear glass bottle sporting a wax crest that marks all the other limited edition bottles from forty creek. Its comfortable, classy.


Sweet, thick vanilla and toffee. Burnt char, oak and lumberyard. Grilled pineapple and dark robust charred corn. Sweet tart candies. Fresh strawberries.


Spicy creamed corn immediately finishing off with cinnamon hearts, nutmeg and blazing pepper. Lifts off the palate cotton soft with sap cured pith, turning pleasantly bitter. The finish is long and smooth. Mesquite and coconut.


A well built whisky. incredible nose and taste. Very well rounded. A must have.

Please note:

This whisky is a blend of specialty select barrels of single grain whiskies. the single grain whiskies are left to marry in Canadian white oak barrels, which were found 40 miles away from john halls back yard.

There was some confusion when the whisky was being finished, which narrowly averted disaster. After a year of marrying in the new Canadian oak barrels, john found the whisky to taste horrible, like pencil shavings, he was quoted as saying. Luckily after three years in the barrels, he was very fortunate to pull out a whisky this high of caliber, rather than have to re-distill this aged product and start over.

Confederation oak follows johns staunch of ‘finishing barrels’. Sure almost all johns whiskies follow this gimmick of being a great whisky with a consistent house style, but its finished in a different method to make it a somewhat unique creation. John succeeds. This is an outstanding whisky that is a vanilla packed ride backed with pleasant dry rub spices and steakhouse flavours.

The oak picked out to make these finishing barrels is Canadian white oak. Because of our harsh climates, our oaks tend to grow very dense grain structure, which isn’t always optimum for grain/wood interaction.

The approach to selecting the oak to craft these barrels specifically was to pick out some trees scheduled to be fell. The project is aptly named ‘no tree before its time’ meaning that when a tree has lived its long life and given everything it can, it is put to rest so that new life can take over in its spot. The new life being new oak trees to replenish the ones before it.

The confederation oak is finished in virgin and used Canadian oak casks anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, typically and enters at 67.6%abv. There are varying degrees of flavor from one batch of confederation oak to the next.

Score: 96