forty creek copper pot reserve

Alc. 43%


Citrus, toffee, vanilla, orange peels. Bright fruits, cotton candy and soft taffy candy. Oak and sweetness, blossoms, barnyard and dark roasted nuts, slight leather.


Full and confident. Mouth filling oily richness. Baking spice, clove and oranges and searing hot pepper. Spicy rye and cinnamon candy. Raw sugar.



Stop what you’re doing. Get a bottle.


Please note:

There are a few changes since I wrote cwe’s first article in 2013; now that 2016 is coming to an end, we have dug up some important information on 40 creeks copper pot reserve.

The grains are sourced from Canadian farmers and are fermented off site in a large distillery suited to ferment such vast quantities of beer, where it will be shipped to the 40 creek distillery to be distilled and aged. Most of the liquid produced by 40 creek is column distilled.

The liquid is distilled to roughly 76.6%abv, then enters virgin and used barrels without any dilution. The used barrels are ex bourbon barrels sourced from makers mark, heaven hill and 4 roses.

Forty creek used to finish the flagship barrel select and copper pot reserve in sherry barrels, but have since moved on without finishing in sherry barrels.

There are no age statements on 40 creek products because the blending is based on a recipe, but is crafted to a specific and consistent taste profile, rather than an aging regiment. John hall, the chairman of 40 creek was known to say that barrels are all different; some 4 year old whiskies could taste like 7 years and some 10 year old whiskies could taste like 6 years, so they blend to taste rather than age.

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