forty creek three grain harmony

Alc. 43%


This is typical of forty creeks high end releases; a flat and clear bottle, reminiscent of their flagship bottle. Dressed with a black wax badge and topped with a synthetic cork. The label is a small boxy yellowish tag sporting the word HARMONY in bold letters.


Red wine, dark red berries and wheat cereal first. Big corn oil, red licorice and dry husk. Some bright floral notes. After generous airing it opens dark chocolate and roasted nuts with some malt. Bright medicinal oranges. Seems to follow house style.


Thick creamy mouthfeel, very nice texture. First impressions are dark with coffee, chocolate, nuts and malt, but also couples with sour rye, brown spice, bright heat and young whisky. finishes with spicy anised molasses and corn oil.


Takes time to wrap your palate around this one. Although this is very good tasting and of the highest standard of quality, it takes time to appreciate this bottle.

Please note:

This is the end of an era. John hall kisses us goodbye with his last annual release, three grain harmony. This whisky is a blend of well aged rye and barley whisky, said to be from the original forty creek stocks, dating back 20 years. As per his house style, john has blended in some young corn whisky to keep the overall flavor from leaning too far to one side, which has also prohibited him from adding an impressive age statement on the bottle.

This whisky was a 9,000 bottle release in 2015. John hall has sold forty creek to the drinks conglomerate campari and their first annual forty creek release will be a blend of whisky ranging from 5 – 9 years old.

score: 93