gibsons 100th grey cup maple whisky

Alc. 40%


Gibsons carries a very similar bell and stalk type of bottle shape which doesn’t change from bottle to bottle. Its squat and stout. The label is a cool looking football shape smattered with the image of the grey cup and a maple leaf. It has a black plastic screw top.


Through and through dried tobacco and that does not change. It smells dry and tannic. Clean oak and  slight cleaning chemicals. Some dry brown sugar, deep notes of molasses, dry and dusty rye backed up by some baking spices. Clean sawdust.


The driving aroma of the tobacco follows on the palate as well. There is some surprising chocolate, sawdust, butter and just a little hint of maple, which is pleasing. Coating, creamy palate with some charred corn and a touch of mint. Fades out sweet with some aggressive rye spice which edges out any chance of overwhelming maple sweetness. Very smooth.

Please note:

This is a one time release from gibsons to commemorate the 100th grey cup of the cfl. From what ive seen, this product is cleared from our lcbo. If you haven’t tried it yet, you may never.

This is an entirely new blend crafted of blended Canadian whiskies with a little maple added to finish. This will be an extremely hard find, considering this did not cross the border, but did sit on it for some time, once found in our Canadian duty free shop.


Unique. Interesting. Not an everyday sip, but one to enjoy neat. Most definitely worth the price point.


Score: 85