gooderham and worts

Alc. 44.4%



Pretty unique in presentation. A tall, round circular bottle, how a whisky bottle should look. No squares, no globes, just a tall, masculine, hefty bottle with a rounded base at the bottom. The label is an off white circle, plastered with dry brown writing. It states the name of the bottle, advertises four grains inside and a picture of the old g & w distillery. The text on the bottle is lifted to give some texture to the bottle.


Tight wiffs of oak and cedar, with brown baking spices and a little dill poking through. Dry, dusty grain.


Tight, dry, mute and crisp. Full of aggressive charred wood barrel effects, some golden fruits, red berries and pith. Rye spice and robust dill seem to battle for domination and is backed with a syrupy sweet finish. This refuses to open with air alone.


This is a tight offering which needs just a touch of water to really reach its potential. It takes a while to grow on a taster, and this is not for the first timer.

Please note:

This is yet another offering from the wisers house, known as corbys. The master blender has been busy shoving out release after release and is making a big splash in Canada for releasing winners everytime.

This blend in particular averages around 10 years of age and is filled with some very old whisky and balanced with very young wheat whisky, to add complexity. The four grains used are corn, rye, barley and wheat.

score: 88