gretzky 99 proof, ice cask

99 proof

Alc. 49.5%


Tight. Toffee, grape skins, red fruit, sawdust and soft candies. Rye grain influence.


Sweet entry with oak, pastel candies and orange fruit gummies. Berries, grapes, rye grains. Vanilla custard. A nice, creamy texture. Nutmeg, cloves and pepper spice up the middle to end and leaves with pulling tannins. Medium long finish. Complex, rich and rye forward. In the last fade there is an interesting a sense of artificial mint or wintergreen.

Overall: 90

Very good, add 2 drops of water per 15 ml for an extra special palate. Too good for an 89, but not good enough for a 91. Surprising for a new distillery.


Ice cask

Alc. 41.5%


Intense and full blast of crème brulee and soft fruits. After rye spice, sweet cereals subside the nose exits on charred wood. A strong sensation of mint gummies, but the fruit salad lasts forever.


Entry is a ghost, nothing. then, fruit salad leads to vanilla, which leads to spicy cinnamon hearts, and charred wood. The spicy char turns to vanilla again, then fades fruity. Raspberries, figs, pears, oranges, then vanilla crème brulee leads to intense hot spice which breaks with more sweet vanilla and fruit. The texture is rich and creamy.

Overall: 92

Think: spell racecar backwards.


Please note:

The gretzky distillery has been open(and distilling approximately) since apr. 7 2017 and was releasing sourced whisky finished in their own wine casks.

Local corn, rye and malted rye(from Brantford) are fermented for 5 days with a distillers yeast and distilled in a combination pot column(8 plate) and column still(20 plate). The fermenters are 7,ooo litres.

They distill the rye to roughly 70% abv in the column and corn to roughly 80% abv in the combination. All grains are distilled separately. The barrel fill abv is roughly 63% for rye and 68% for corn. As of October 2017 they are completing 15 barrels weekly.

The whiskies are married in stainless drums and finished in their own wine casks, which they have plenty, being owned by pellar estates winery.

Red cask finish is in cab sauv, cab franc or merlot barrels.

Ice cask is finished in vidal blanc barrels.

99 proof is a high rye premium blend finished in cab sauv barrels.

All finishing is for at least 100 days up to 5 months.

The ware house is kept in full exposure of sun.