grey goose vodka



tall, sleek, frosted wine bottle. There is a clear label of a giant goose and a decal of geese flying over some mountains in the background. Instantly recognizable.


Nosing well above the glass shows a little vanilla. Very little citrus soda. Nosing very close to the glass reveals the acetone and isopropyl, though it is very mild. Vodka, by law, is supposed to be completely void of any smell or flavor, so its character is expected.



There is hardly any profile. A little vanilla and even a bit of shortbread cookie, but its faint and fleeting once tasted. Possibly a suggestion of mint leaf and a touch of black pepper. The taste of spirit is apparent, but not offensive. although this is very thin and watery, it is also very mellow and smooth. If this wasn’t so boring, I would recommend this as a sipper. The finish is smooth and fast.


Overall score: 82

Its good product, but its expensive.