hennessy paradis cognac

Alc. 40%


Pear shaped clear glass decanter. Stylish and sexy. Simplistic, small etching.


Floral pears, jammy raisins and leather. Dusty closet. Sweet spun sugar and spicy plum cake. Exotic fruits, fresh sawn oak. Sawdust burnt by saw. Hints of dark berries.


Spicy peach lozenge. Cassis throughout. Super smooth, warming honeycomb and syrup. Blossoms and cassis, spiced cake. Cotton candy and dark berries. Oak is evident, but only complimentary, no overpowering. Dried flowers, palate coating.


full of rotting strawberries, honey and nut oils. Very long.

Please note:

This is a very rare blend for those who are really looking for something special. The palate is rich and ever moving. The texture is velvet. The finish lasts for at least twenty minutes.

This blend is made up of over 100 eau de vie and ranges from 25 – 100 years, which is stated by the good people at hennessy.

Hennessy is one of the ‘big 5’ cognac houses in france. They blend distilled eau de vie that dates back to 1880. Remarkable cognac house with exceptional products.

Hennessy sells roughly 40% of all the cognac in the world. It is the worlds largest cognac producer.


I have seen this bottle carry a price tag ranging from 500$ – to over 1,000$. Its out of my price range by far, and I can’t say that I will buy another glass of this product. it is well executed and well balanced, but the price simply outweighs the reward.

score: 95