jack daniels 1985

Alc. 45%


Standard jack daniels no.7 black label bottle. This one has a 45% acohol instead of a typical 40% from nowadays.


The standard fruity profile stands true with the wafts of juicy fruit gum and charred corn. Foamy banana candies, oak and vanilla lay behind the upfront roast corn, nuts and barrel char. Cigarette ashes.


Thick palate, creamy texture and a peppery blast of fruit like apples, banana and coconuts. Much richer and much more appealing than the standard no.7 of present days. This bottling focuses more on fruit than grain it seems, powerful barrel notes and fruity rye finish followed by black pepper.

Please note:

Jack daniels no.7 was produced as a 45% alcohol product since creation, with the lower level green label wearing the 40%. A tasting panel employed by the jack daniels distillery concluded which would be the premium black label and which would be labeled green for standard quality.

In 1987 jack daniels no.7 dropped its alcohol level to 43% and further in 2002, it dropped to 40%. Other distilleries have tried out this method of dropping proof to little success or complete failure, forcing the bottlers to keep the original proof.

The reason distillers drop proof is to stretch out product to keep up with demand by adding as little as 2% more water to the final blend.

In the case of some other whiskies, distillers keep the proof high to stay as close as the taste as when it came from the barrel. In other words, cask strength whisky can be the highest regard for a certain barrel.


A friend brought me a sample of this to try stating he bought it for 130$ in 2014. Unfortunately, you’ll be hard pressed to find this bottle unless you know a collector of jack daniels or vintage whiskies. this is, however outstanding jack daniels.

Possibly the smoothest jack product ive ever tasted.

Score: 93