jack daniels green label

Alc. 40%


The rectangular old no.7 decanter with a green label. Sometimes it has gold lettering on the label. Most times white.


Typical jack style. Candy shoppe. Packed with foamy bananas, licorice and juicy fruit. Wonderfull balance of oak and corn. Char is hidden by light, sour acetone. Lilacs and fruit blossoms.


Thin and subtle. Peppery corn and peanuts topped with wood embers. Fruity with vanilla and cherry lollipops and ends softly with barrel and rye spice. Short, clean exit redolent of grapefruit pith and burnt wood. Perhaps a drop of pickle. Very pleasant and easy going.

Please note:

This release is currently sold in some duty frees and only four states that I’m aware of. It’s a cheaper product that is considered inferior to many jack drinkers, but I find its strong point is finesse and subtlety.

This blend is crafted with the majority being from the bottom of the rickhouses, or storage houses, so it doesn’t age as quickly as the other jack products, but I believe it gives time for the subtle nuance of gentle flavours, rather than the robust kick of a well aged bourbon.


Worth the price point, although this is not an above premium product.

Score: 85