knob creek single barrel

Alc. 60%


Overall this bottle is a man’s man type of bottle; strong bourbon aged for 9 years and wrapped in an old style ragamuffin sort of off center newspaper scrap. The text is written in bold colors, white, black, red and brown, a small tag reads ‘single barrel reserve’. It’s an uber-masculine presentation. It’s a hefty, flat rectangle topped with wax and a black topped cork. It certainly stands out among the feminine wine bottle style of bourbons offered by others. Knob stands out as another obvious hint(uh-huh-huh). It’s a shame, but there is no barrel number or serial number for reference between barrels.


Acetone is overwhelming at first. Some generous airing shows red licorice, corn syrup, and a touch of fresh peppermint. It’s pretty strong stuff, so the smell is a little intense of chemical.


Tell tale foamy bananas, cherries, coconut and fresh butter. Nutty and fresh grass. Very pleasant until the peppery, alcoholic burn, followed by ash and char and rye spice. Thin, oily.


This is not a contemplative sipper. This is some heavy duty bourbon that should be sourced out by a person who can truly appreciate cask strength whisky. the experience is nice, but the finish can be quite challenging. Not an everyday sip, but an essential bottle to keep on your shelf.

score: 84