last straw blackstrap rum and 6 month blackstrap spirit

6 month blackstrap rum

Alc 46%


Spirity, sweet/sour, slight anise. Golden stone fruit, non-complex. molasses peeking out behind spirit.


Dark molasses, hot cinnamon, anise, vanilla pods, pipe tobacco. Slight orange pith. Burns.


Needs more time. Not rounded.



1 year blackstrap rum

Alc. 45.3%


Vanilla, tannic, dry wood. Sweet, anise. In comparison, more body and less aggressive than the 6 month. Cigarette tobacco.


Thick on the palate, round and fat. Butter rum lifesavers, molasses, spicy anise, cloves and pulling tannins. Some oaky vanilla cake. Finishes with some nice orange pith, ripe strawberries and a little effervescence. Spicy.


Not bad at all, in comparison to the younger product. would like to see this with a few more years added on, but this shows a decent understanding of the still used.


Please note:

This rum is crafted from fermented blackstrap molasses, which is the most flavourfull, and least sweet of molasses. It is created from boiling sugar cane and extracting the resulting sugar. The dark blackstrap is the final byproduct, which is commonly used in alcohol production.

This blackstrap rum is fermented with champagne yeast and is distilled twice in a four plate pot/column still. The resulted liquid has been aged in toasted Portuguese barrels for 1 year and 1 day.