maker’s mark 46

Alc. 47%


High shouldered decanter with that classic red wax dip. Quaint off white etching in lieu of a label.


Vanilla forward with toffee and caramel. Red licorice and dentist office scent. Toasty, fruity chewing gum backed with charred corn and burnt oak.


Hot with alcohol and fresh oak. Molasses, honey, roasted hazelnut skins, toaster breadcrumbs. Thick, creamy body and mouthfilling. Smooth exit, thanks to a wheat finish. Medium long finish.

Please note:

Makers mark 46 is the second release to come from the makers stable. It’s the first new release in 50 years, which means they follow the ‘if it aint broke’ motto.

The 46 is marked on the barrels to identify this wonderful elixir. It doesn’t actually mean anything, other than it was a title given the process of adding ten toasted French oak staves to the finishing barrel and aging for a few more months before dumping. This addition of French oak to the finishing barrel is only done in the winter months.

Overall score: 95