masterson’s straight rye – 10 year old


Alc. 45%


Tall lamp like bottle. Plastic covered cork. The label is an old prohibition era newspaper with the profile of the late bat masterson.


dry, dusty, musty. very much like a hockey bag closet, old sweater or camping sack. burlap. fresh golden fruits and tell-tale virgin wood hints like red licorice, coconut.


Spicy and sweet start, peppery middle and end. Smooth exit with a long refreshing citrus peel undertones. hard spiral candies, aggressive spice with sweet background of fluffed sweets; marshmallow, nougat,  pulled toffee, keeping the spice from going right through your tongue. Pleasant red fruit.


Although it receives very high regards from most writers, I did not see the appeal in this whisky. at the 75$ price point, I was further turned off.

Please note:

This is a straight rye whisky crafted at the Alberta premium distillery, which is our Canadian rye powerhouse.

The whisky is aged for at least ten years in virgin oak barrels and shipped to California to be blended and bottled and sold by 35 maple street, which owns the mastersons name.


Score: 84