matersons 12 year old wheat

Alc. 50%


Sweet toffee and smooth grain. Dusty, old linen closet, with sweet grape wine and pastel candies. Egg nog and Christmas spices. Soft on the nose.


Egg nog, nutmeg, sweet golden plums, sultana raisins make for a delightful entry and end on oaky dry, but very smooth finish that tastes like orange soda. Creamy texture and at 50%abv, you wouldn’t know it. Molasses and cola keep the bass notes. Wonderful sip.

Overall: 91


Please note:

This was distilled and aged at the Alberta distillers plant, which was later bottled by an American wine company called 35 maple street, which is a subsidiary of the other guys wine company. Sourced, sent and bottled by an american company, this was a one off project along with mastersons barley. We will likely never see these bottles again.

After a heist in which the majority of these bottles were stolen in a warehouse robbery, even fewer ever made it to the shelf. This bottle originally sold for 80$ in the lcbo and when it failed to leave the shelf, it dropped quickly to 50$, when it was snatched up by lucky consumers.

This is a rare chance to try a 100% straight wheat whisky aged solely in virgin barrels.