petron silver tequila

Alc. 40%


Small squat bell and stubby stem type of bottle with flat sides and a bee insignia. Clear label. Top with an outrageous exaggerated spherical cork stopper.


Floral and fruity. Sweet perfume with some oily stone fruits. Raw, new make.


Sweet and just a touch spicy. Light pepper. Incredibly smooth, with yellow plum and raisin. Vegetation nd something… unique. Cooked sugar. Quick exit, quick finish. Pleasant.


Im actually surprised to say I enjoyed this. It won’t push a bottle of rye off my shelf, but I may make room for this tequila.

score: 84

Please note:

Tequila is unique because it is crafted from a blue agave plant which comes from the territory surrounding the city of tequila, mexico. It is a region specific spirit, which derives from the umbrella of mescal.

It is believed that tequila is the highest grade of mescal because of the soil conditions and terrior that lend a higher quality to the harvested plants. The soil surrounding the area is volcanic.

Tequila is a spirit that can legally be sold as low as 38% abv, but can reach as high as 55% and as low as 33% abv, respectively.

The farmers who tend to the agave prevent the plant from flowering and they let it mature to reach a peak starch content for fermentation. Only the core of the plant is used in mescal production. Sometimes the cooked starchy pulp is recycled back into the next mash to give a dense flavor like a sour mash process.

Tequila is now being largely recognized for its high quality and is being aged in oak to round out flavours and add smoothness to the final product.

The worm found in spirits is solely a marketing gimmick. The gimmick started around the 1940’s to produce higher sales. The worm is only found in mescal, and indicates a worm infestation, which tends to indicate a low quality product.