schenley golden wedding

Alc. 40%


Cheap plastic 40 oz. bottle, screaming ‘old school’ with a medallion on the top of the bottle, and its classic fonts labeling the whisky. typically in more recent bottling, there is a little bride and groom on the bottom part of a shield shaped label.


Creamy, buttery yet subtle nose. Clean wood, corn bourbon qualities. A touch of spirit on the nose with some subtle grain.


Oak and a little rye spice. The palate is very light and delicate. This doesn’t taste very mature. A little crisp spirit and honeyed cereal grains. Slightly drying with suggestion of dry corn husk and possible mint leaf gummies.

Please note:

This bottle changes time after time, just like where it is made. although this was originally an American brand this is currently crafted in valleyfield, quebec, under the watch of constellation brands as of this day in 2014. With the mergers and buyouts, who knows who will end up with this legend of a bottle anytime soon.


Overall score: 79