stalk and barrel cask #5

Alc. 60.3% – cask strength


unassuming clear bottle with plain white decals.


cask strength

surprisingly calm for 60.3% with a light roasted nut appeal, floral, pears, fruit blossoms and confectioner sugar. very light in oak.


foamy banana candies, sweet with barley sugars. simple and non-complex. I find some smoke or the lightest of peat.


cask strength

first sip at cask strength literally made me push my seat back. wow. powerful. rich and full. nutty with golden orchard fruits. i never knew barley whisky could taste this good. little spice and pepper. don’t kid yourself, the alcohol does bite back. hard to hold on the palate. oh so smooth.


tell tale from the nose. fruity and sweet with a little gingery heat.

score: 89