virginia gentleman

Alc. 40%


I drank from a simple plastic 60 oz. bottle with a white label of three colonial looking men in front of a presidential looking house. Gold plastic cap to top the bottle. The label has been changed many times in the past to lose its notoriety as a controversially racist photo of a black servant.


Light, isopropryl, cut grass, hay, corncobs, fudgy toffee. The whole profile is light and ghostly. It lacks character or complexity. Not pleasant.


Hot and peppery through and through. Very simple and straight forward. Cherry cough lozenges and a dusty rye finish. Very sour, spirity. Cocoa and spearmint.


Stay away. Do not purchase. Don’t make eye contact.

Please note:

A sazerac product which was distilled and aged for two years in Kentucky, then moved to Virginia, redistilled and aged for another two years. My assumption is that they can keep this a nas bottle because it has in fact, been aged a total of four years, to American straight bourbon laws.

The label on this is unrecognizable from the original labels that were first put out; the first couple labels depicted a picture of some well to do gentlemen, from a Victorian period being served by a black server, this label has been changed several times due to its unsavoury suggestion.