wiser’s deluxe


Bottle: tall rectangular prism. Kind of generic, actually. White label.


clean wood, freshest sawdust, floral, cola, nutty, light gasoline, fresh grass. There is a soft bread quality to the nose.


Starts out with some well balanced oak, toffee and vanilla. There is burnt crème brulee topping and custard, topped off with spicy cola and tingly ginger ale bubbles popping on the tongue. Getting close to the end, there is sweet corn, cedar, suggestion of fresh river plants , the lightest soapiness, sweet orange zest and a tingle of black pepper.

Please note:

Supposedly a 10 year project, this is the base offering from corby’s wiser’s line. For a base offering, it is excellent. Complex, smooth, oaky and sweet.  This is an excellent precursor to the rest of the wiser’s line.

Overall score: 85