wisers dissertation

Wisers dissertation


Alc. 46.1%


Full on aggressive rye. Sour, sharp, hard rye just flying out of the glass. Toffee and vanilla cake seem to be surrounded by sour pickles, dill and sweet pastel candies. The nose alone is a real trip. Green plants. Dehydrated pears, green apples, dark stewed prunes and a little sourness indicates rye and keeps complexity with balance. Fresh flowers.


A thin entry but an explosive palate, rich full of grain, sour apple, crisp rye and sweet chewy toffee. A sharp burst of rye, piercing the tongue with hard spice, then cooling off with sweet barrel notes. Rye, rye, rye. Bread and grain, brown spice, baking spice, cinnamon and cloves. After much air and digestion, the palate turns down to licorice, cocoa and molasses bass notes. The finish trails off with some tobacco, beer and mint. Each sip is different from the last, and I thought I tasted grape soda at a point.

Overall: 97.5


Please note:

The explanation of this blend is just as complex as its profile. Aged for 12 years(rumours shift around 11), this is a blend consisting of 13% corn and 87% rye. The abv is 46.1% which is a nod to the molecular weight of ethanol alcohol.

The specifics stay shrouded in mystery, but this is a blend of roughly 60 different barrels of whiskies ranging from many combinations of column, pot and pot and column distilled rye and corn of varying distillation abv’s and aged in virgin barrels of #2 and #4 char levels.