wiser’s spiced vanilla

Alc. 43%


Typical rectangular prism blocked out by a gigantic beige colored label blatantly labeling spiced and vanilla before the wisers in recognized, which is fortunate. I would hate for this to be the only impression of wisers products.


thick glucose and vanilla with headache inducing spice. Cinnamon.


sugar and spice. Ambiguous and incomprehensible. Sugary, thick and full of spirit. Fake flavouring clogging the palate and making it hard to judge what it is im tasting exactly. Thick with cooked sugar and glucose. A little woody expression enveloped in murky, burnt vanilla tobacco. Hot, hot cinnamon and sprinkles of other baking spice extracts. Short and horny.

Please note:

Wisers is an excellent company and one not to be taken lightly.

It’s a mixer. That’s where the heart of this flavored whisky market comes in. flavored vodkas were making such a splash that it would be silly to not take a young whisky, jam in full of flavoring extracts and sugar and ship it off to the curious, or the mixer crowd. I find this to excel when mixed with a chocolate soda, or a coffee flavored soda. To me, the cinnamon and added vanilla need to bounce off other complimenting taste profiles to really shine.

Overall score: 82