jean filliox cognac

Jean fillioux coq vs, xo cep d’or, xo tres vieux

Coq vs
Alc. 40%
Floral, with fresh apples and cooked pears. A bit spicy and perfumed. Honeycomb, leather and molasses are starting to set in. bright.
Very fruity, effervescent, ginger and lime zest are the first impressions. Finishes juicy, with a little spice.
Overall: 87
A very good vs. aged for roughly 3-4 years.

Xo cep d’or
Alc. 40%
Peaches, perfume, orange peels, dark grapes, dust. Vanilla pods, canned peach, licorice and candied orange peel. Some sawdust and crispness to the nose.
Sweet and spicy with effervescent ginger/orange. Dry oak and tannic. Fruity, full of orange and honey, refreshing and spry. Some brown spice and heat is minimal.
Overall: 88
Another great representation from this house. Aged for 13-15 years.

Xo tres vieux
Alc. 40%
Candied orange peels and bright ripe raspberries hop out at first impression. Dried flower pedals, leather, dusty vanilla cream, and just a little drying oak. Orange blossom honey, sweet grapes and peaches. Cola and tobacco start its way in as the fruit turns stewed and jammy, after 40 minutes airing. perfume and cake come in after 50 minutes. A beautiful, complex and evolving nose.
The entry is sweet, with gingery spice and carries the depth of black currants and field berry jam. Brown spice, toasted oak. Oranges abound. Vanilla pudding.
Overall: 90
Inexpensive and good quality. Aged at least 25 years and up to 30.

Please note:
Located in the most sought after cru(or region),the grande champagne, jean fillioux is run by the 5th generation owner, Christopher[sic], on 60 acres of land and he oversees nearly every step of production and the house is proud to mention their products are ‘hand made’. They use mostly the ugni blanc grape varietal, which seems to grow very well in the chalky soil of the grande champagne.
Twice distilled in charentais pot still, they choose to employ a range of coopers for them to deploy their toasted barrels and they tend to use 90% limousin oak and 10% troncay, for a wide selection of flavours to blend with.