alberta springs 10 year old





Rectangular prism not unlike a wiser’s bottle. A square green rimmed, white label marks the front.



buttery and light. Vanilla and toffee. There is a light dusty smell like opening an attic door for the first time in months. A little chunky fruit salad.



A pleasant buttery mouthfeel, although the flavor is so light. This seems to scream coffey. Vanilla and toffee let the barrel really take the show, although, the rye does announce itself with some generous baking spices. Cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. Spicy ginger ale teases the palate with a little fizzle and pop. Some cedar chips and black pepper to a surprisingly long, tannic finish. Lime zest.


Please note:

Year to year, rye grain is effected by the local climate, just like most other produce. Too hot one summer, or too much rain will effect the rye crops tremendously, which will definitely change the flavor profile. So there has to be measures taken by the blenders at Alberta distillers to make sure their whisky has the same flavor profile, batch to batch.


Overall score: 84

This is a descent ‘every day whisky’. good sip, good mix.