emparado light brandy

Alc. 27.5


Tall typical wine bottle style with a large, bland, beige sort of label outlined with gold trim and red writing. Screw top lid with a fireproof pourer inside the bottle top. There’s a small crest of a lion and the word ‘premium’ which we can disregard at any point now.


A solid punch of toffee. The whole nose is very faint, besides the powerfull toffee and burnt sugar. Some wine, verjus and cut lumber. Sweet and sour. A bit floral and a bit tropical. From the nose, there is no sign of maturity to this, other than a couple years of oak.


V.s. grade brandy watered down and caramel added is my first impression. Very mixable tasting. The taste is very light, but intensely sweet.  Leaves a nice tingle on the inside of my mouth, stating that there is indeed some spirit to make this adult. Toffee, caramel, some sourness, a touch of lumberyard, a bit of spice and stonefruit.


This will find its proper place mixing with some ginger ale and lemon. Forgettable.

score: 72