crown royal black

Alc. 45%


Typical standard crown royal bottle. The label is black instead of the typical gold and blue.


Egg nog and custard followed by corn and mint. Powerful alcohol on the nose but filled with corn and char. Smoke, brown sugar and rye. New barrel smell along with some nutmeg. The nose is difficult to release at this proof, although pleasantly strong.


Bold and smoky with heavy corn oil and char. Vanilla and toffee with a rye spice finish. Pulsating flavor rich and loud with char, grain and spice. Hickory and mesquite. This is not to be taken lightly.


I like it. This is not an everyday sipper, because of its full frontal assault and heavy spiciness. Very loud. To me, this is like a Canadian version of bourbon, possibly comparable to evan Williams white label. I believe the egg nog nose shows some old whisky in this blend. I find that smell to be common with wisers 18, cc 20 or forty creeks confederation oak.


score: 90