jp wiser’s last barrels



This is a heavy, square decanter that sports wisers 18 and legacy. There is an unassuming white and grey boxy label with red ink scribbling.


Bourbon impressions immediately. corn oil, laquer, foamy bananas and cherries, just a little bit lighter on the nose than bourbon. Beneath the typical bourbon features are scents of wheat cereal, white chocolate, decaying flowers, fresh overturned clay and boiled candies. This smells just like a bourbon, but is not as bold on the nose. Green herbs.


Corn, sweet vanilla, werthers originals and butter rum lifesavers turn into hot pepper, char, nutmeg and cinnamon with fresh garden mint. Some sourness in the end. A very good oily texture with a very nutty finish.


Very good. As of 2016, wisers is undoubtedly canadas best house.

Please note:

This bottle is a limited release exclusive to the lcbo in Ontario Canada, only. The 2,000 cases that were released were pounced on, with many customers scrambling to attempt pre-orders. There are still bottles available in the lcbo.

This bottle in particular is almost completely bourbon; 80% corn, 11% rye and 9% barley distilled together in a mash bill and started fermentation with a sour mash technique, just like a Kentucky bourbon. The key difference is that this whisky in particular was aged in first fill ex bourbon barrels, as opposed to virgin barrels, which bourbon is aged in, by law. Bourbon is also protected as an American only product under a strict protection of territory.

score: 91