alberta premium 100% rye

Alc. 40%


70’s decanter style cylinder like a built in non slip grip


After being in the glass for forty five minutes, its still quite a closed nose. Oatmeal cookies, spirit, isopropyl and very little oak to speak of. There might be a little rosemary hiding in there. A gentle warming with the hand brings out the oatmeal and baked goods in the nose, but keep in mind, you have to look for it.


jumpy, bright, hard, prickly, flinty and expressive. Theres no fooling here, its young rye.  I get a little oatmeal, but a lot of baked goods as well as baking spice, then theres some artificial mint to finish the ride with a nice medium finish.  This is rye, untamed.


Please note:

This rye is only five years old, unlike the bottle which looks like its getting hooked up to life support. I let my final glasses for tasting sit out for forty five minutes to let them evolve. It knocked off the hard edges, and things smoothed out a bit, and sweetens.  I haven’t tried the elderly A.P. products, but dark horse is a complete knock out compared to this. I think this suits ginger ale quite nicely.


Final score: 79

Good, but needs a little growing up. I don’t see what all the fuss is about.