centennial 10 year old

Alc. 40

Bottle: tall, slender and streamlined. Just a plain Armagnac bottle. Clear glass. Subtle labeling. Classy. The number ten has gone missing from my bottle though.



honey, lightly roasted nuts, little clean oak. A little minty, a little floral.



Light, smooth, clean. Lots of honey cereal, soft dusty grain. Custardy smooth and lands on the tongue with all the force of a single snowflake.  Boiled kamut. Leaves clean with spicy rye notes, but just so, as if to round out the finish. little bourbon hints lift off and the drink is done. The finish is short to medium.


Please note:

This is a naturally sweet drink, as far as whisky goes. From what I’ve been told, there are no additives. The color of the spirit confirms that statement. In the glass, it appears as a nicely aged oaked chardonnay. This whisky is a nice first drink of the night, as it gets lost after the first glass, its just too delicate. Adding ginger, or vermouth would drown the subtleties out. I would recommend this drink to a budding connoisseur, a lady curious about whisky, or somebody looking for a nice clean, unique whisky.


Overall score: 91

There is nothing wrong with this whisky. The taste is nice, the finish suits well to the style. Its well balanced. Not bitter, not overly sweet. Well done boys.