wiser’s legacy


Remember that square decanter from the wisers 18 bottle? This isn’t much a surprise then. A nice looking blue label on the face of this weapon.

Alc. 45%


Fresh and old wood, lightest isopropryl, English toffee pudding and spiced cake


Thick and round. Angular and only lightly heated. Nice ginger and nutmeg. Dare I say, gin? Starts out black licorice or even fishermans friend. Gin sprayed spice cake which is molasses heavy. Dense and dank.

Please note:

When I see a 45% on the label, I feel like the producer of whisky is just saying ‘thank you’. That extra couple points on the alcohol goes toward a much richer and more fulfilling profile for the whisky sipper.

This particular bottling is a very old recipe crafted by j.p. wiser himself, and was dug up and crafted decades after his death. This is pot still distilled whisky which is all rye forward. The mash bill is kept secret, but a little detective work reveals that this almost all rye grain with a little barley in the mix. The aging takes place in lightly toasted virgin barrels to really let the rye grain speak for itself, and it has a lot to say.

Opinions change from whisky writer to writer, but I have yet to see a negative review on the bottling.

Overall score:  94

Super premium grade whisky