glen breton 10 year old



Yeasty, sour green apples right off the hop. Nutty, barley sugar and sweet chocolate. Pears, a hint of baby vomit and a certain sourness. Needs to air out to release the captured spirit smell. Complex, but unpleasant. Malted barley is very present. Lilac blossoms and soap.


Perhaps a bit thick. Instantly chocolaty and stays the whole time. The sour apple trend comes in until the nutty barley shows , not letting up, and glides right on to the oaky finish. Pear and unripe green melon hide in the profile. This finishes with black pepper and cleans up with bitter citrus pith. The chocolate and barley are still present in the long finishing aftertaste. The nose truly predicts the palate.

Please note:

Non chill filtered

Aged in jack daniels barrels


Overall score: 78