dillons method 95 vodka

alc. 40%


same, consistent profile of dillons bottles; bell and stem, apothecary medicinal look. pleasant presentation.


Instantly sweet at first nosing. Butter rum lifesavers, hard fruity candies and light bread. sweet and sour. Little to no astringency on the nose.


Enters smooth as silk, and slowly builds up to a spicy climax. Quite a burn on the tongue for a long lasting exit. There is, however, very little burn in the throat. Sweet and sour on the tongue, this is far better with ice and a lime slice rather than neat.

Empty glass:

The next day there is no profile in the glass

Score: 82

Please note:

This vodka is crafted from locally grown red wine from the Niagara region. The wine brand is kept a secret to the public, but the winery was storing barrels at the dillons rickhouse for a while. Hint hint.


Somewhat disappointing. Has some unpleasant flavours that make my cheek spasm after a sip. There are superior vodkas at this price point.