century reserve lot 15/25

Alc. 40%


Unique presentation with a tapered bottle. Gold and white writing on a clear label.


First off, wood. Lots of clean wood, fresh sawn wood and sawdust. Fresh flowers and suggestion of golden fruits



Wood carries through and through. Lots of old oak, and cedar pencil. A semi sweet middle, with a pith finish, very little pepper and slight tannins. nuts, confectioner sugar and flowers, with a suggestion of sour citrus. I find hints of wheat and rye spice in here… must be from the wood.


Please note:

This is a single grain corn whisky that boasts a mix of 15 and 25 year old wisky, but contains up to 29 year old.

The flavor of whisky comes from the mingling of grain and wood. Sometimes, the barrel can produce 60% of the flavor in whisky. With having a 25 year old spirit the barrel does most of the work here, and produces a fine, oaky, cedary and toffee like flavor. Good thing too, because too long in the barrel is a bad thing, and after 25 years, blenders are taking huge risks.

I have a dear friend who is a very proud scotch drinker. I watched him reach for this, right past the bottle of wisers 18 I had right beside it. That says something.

Overall score: 96

Phenomenal. Thank you for feeding my passion.